Actions of period 1989 – 1991

Providing services foreman with specialization Mechanical Engineering  TE, in the machine shop designing metal tanks and tanks of Chrysopoulos Theodoros in industrial area of Kalohori.

 Actions of period 1991 – 1996

Exercise activity in Mechanical Engineering TE in a technical office of Agkoutoglou – Stathopoulos, on E/M studies and licensing establishment – operation stores of sanitary with parallel studies in the Polytechnic School of A.U.TH. (the swearing-in 21/11/1995).

 Actions of period 1996 – 2004

Exercise activity in Mechanical Engineering at the location G. Papandreou 10, Depot area, Thessaloniki and while collaboration with the Machine shop Ch. & D. Orphanidis ABBE with areas of responsibility of foreman in different parts of production, officer of quality assurance project and technical hygiene and safety of work.

 Actions of period 2004 – today

Exercise activity in Mechanical Engineering, changing the location adress since 2013 in today’s point, parallel co-location – cooperation with Ioannidis S. Dimitrios Mechanical Engineer and Efkarpides P. Theodoros Civil Engineer, complete organization and development operations in 7 (seven) lines.